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Commercial/ Industrial

Communication of data is key in all critical situations. When dealing with the power and load levels associated to modern energy systems, storage and transfer of power and data accurately is a challenge, and when the associated challenges are not properly met, it can have a catastrophic effect. e-On Batteries Intelligent Clean Energy (I.C.E.) group is focused on providing back-up and demand response power when it is most needed, while ensuring our clients critical facilities networking systems are accurately communicating power levels and capabilities across desired protocals.

Bluetooth enabled, and wireless capable, e-On batteries store energy and deliver critical real time information saving our clients time and money, while helping save the planet!

e-On energy advantages:

  • Extended life: Due to the remote nature of the commercial energy industry, battery service and maintenance contracts are very expensive, and outages are common. An average system will replace a lead acid battery 5 times over the life cycle of just one e-On battery, lowering overall operational cost and decreasing long term capital cost.
  • Project scale-ability: From a single 25Ah solar pump jack battery, to a "plug and play" 2MW stand alone energy storage unit, to a series of connected battery based energy storage units in an e-On energy networking system, and beyond... e-On Batteries engineering, design, and manufacturing teams have your project's renewable energy storage needs covered!
  • Built-in RJ-45 hardwired connection: e-On batteries are the industries only battery with the ability to run status monitoring functions and data communications via a secured hard-line network. e-On Batteries internal smart system will deliver combined load data for multiple batteries, being ran, both in series or parallel, thus eliminating the capital expense of costly and bulky external power level status monitoring equipment.
  • Remote battery status monitoring of critical facilities via i-phone/Android: Checking power levels without getting out of your vehicle is not only convenient and more comfortable, it is also makes a technician more efficient and, of much greater importance, reduces safety related job loss and even assists in the reduction of vehicle theft claims.
  • Data delivery via Bluetooth to a 3g/4g e-On cloud-based platform integration network: While being able to remotely view battery power level data via Bluetooth connection, on site, makes a field technician more efficient... Effectively managing this data makes an entire system more efficient! How, when, and where stored energy is released has a major impact on your energy storage systems bottom line efficiency and profitability!
  • Low level power indicators and built-in cycle-count monitor ensures power is available when it is most needed: When there is no battery power available, the chemical pumps stop pumping, and pumping so does the revenue stream associated to that well site. e-On low cell power indicators ensure no system downtime associated to change outs. e-On proprietary internal cycle count reader allows you to view exactly how many cycles the battery has made, creating simplified replacement scheduling, and eliminating scheduled annual maintenance fees.
  • Elimination of hefty EPA fines, and rising lead acid disposal/recycling fees: Due to the deadly toxic chemical content of lead acid batteries, expensive and dangerous chemical measures are required properly and legally recycle lead-acid batteries. The devastating effects of direct lead exposure to landfills and waterways has been widely publicized. Local, federal, and global environmental disposal laws have been set in place regarding lead-acid disposal, and the fines associated to breaking these laws are hefty.