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Energy Storage Systems

e-On Batteries I.C.E. Storage Solutions deliver full control to megawatt+ energy storage systems – from peak demand management to grid support services, it assures reliability and flexibility for jobs of all sizes. The simplified interconnection and optional chassis-mounting give e-On Batteries I.C.E. unique portability that sets it apart from any other large-scale energy storage systems on the market today - it is the only utility and C&I-scale storage system that can be interconnected in less than 15 minutes*..

Bluetooth enabled, and wireless capable, e-On batteries store energy and deliver critical real time information saving our clients time and money, while helping save the planet!

e-On energy advantages:

  • Industry-exclusive system intelligence
  • Fully inegrated plug and play functionality
  • Scalable system design
  • Easy shipping and low cost installation
  • Reduced Costs


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