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Company Overview

e-On Batteries is the technological leader in the field of Intelligent Clean Energy (I.C.E.) storage devices. With Internal Wireless and Bluetooth compatibility and the industry’s first Apple and Android-compatible app-driven remote status monitoring, e-On Batteries are truly the “brains” of the battery industry. Essentially, our cutting edge smart batteries communicate with you through your phone, giving you better information about the state of your battery-powered devices and helping you to stay on top of maintenance and power needs.


e-On powering solutions utilize our proprietorially-blended lithium phosphate e-On Batteries, which are engineered to help you enhance productivity and create a safer workplace.


Utilizing advanced eco-technology, our products make the world a better place for future generations. The renewable energy revolution was sparked when wise people began to recognize the damage that out-of-date energy technologies were causing through depletion of natural resources and abuse of the environment; we created environmentally-responsible batteries to power and support this revolution. Our products serve to enhance the renewable energy industry by making it easier and more practical to capture, store, re-deliver, sequentially use or re-sale clean energy. Whether your network is off-grid or grid-tied; e-On Batteries empowers you to store renewable energy in the most reliable, safest and most environmentally sensible way possible.