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Lithium Battery FAQ’s

Are e-On lithium batteries safe?  Yes. Due to our solid state non-flammable and non-hazardous LiFePo4 blend, e-On lithium batteries are considered to be the safest compound in the industry, and are specified above and beyond all international and federal standards and regulations.

What are lithium batteries used for?  e-On Batteries are commonly used for all deep cell applications, including marine, RV, mobility and a wide range of industrial energy storage applications.  In the near future, we will also offer "powerwall" batteries for the home which will contain less parts and prove more efficient compared to other models on the market. These batteries will empower practical, off-grid living.

Are lithium batteries more expensive than lead acid and AGM battery systems?  Yes. On an individual basis lithium batteries are generally 2-3 times more expensive than their predecessors.  However, our lithium batteries are safer, rechargeable and last longer than lead acid and AGM battery systems, making them the more efficient choice.

Do lithium batteries last longer than lead acid and AGM batteries?  Yes. e-On Batteries last an average of 5-6 times longer than lead acid/AGM batteries under similar load levels.

Do e-On lithium batteries require additional external status monitoring equipment to relay critical information?  No. e-On Batteries boast the industry's only Bluetooth accessible internal 3G/4G compatible app driven status monitoring system, eliminating the need for expensive stand-alone monitoring systems.

What is the built-in battery protection system and how does it work?  e-On Batteries implement our proprietary Internal Battery Protection System(IBPS).  IBPS is a high-tech innovative design custom engineered to protect our lithium core by implementing Low Voltage, Over Voltage, Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, and Charge Balancing internal switches.

Are Lithium batteries difficult to install?  No. Simply take out your old batteries, and install your new e-On lithium batteries in the same manner.

How do I charge a Lithium battery?  You may use a standard charger for our products, but we highly recommend the use of the appropriate voltage battery charger to charge lithium batteries, in order to get maximum performance and longevity.

Do lithium batteries suffer from self-discharge and memory loss, similar to lead-acid and AGM?  No. e-On batteries have a very low self-discharge of 3%, and there is no memory loss effect.