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"Never leave a customer stranded out on the water" is the focus of the e-On Batteries marine group.  Having the ability easily to check your battery power levels remotely via Bluetooth coupled with our app driven low power level alerts ensure that power will be there when it is most needed. e-On Marine Batteries preserve leisure time and increase productivity while doing their little part to help save the planet.


e-On Marine advantages:


    • Extended life: Due to the rugged and demanding nature of the marine industry along with potentially high remote access cost, marine battery service and maintenance outages are common and can be expensive. An average marine vessel will replace a lead acid battery 5 times over the life cycle of just one e-On battery.


    • Project scaleability: From a single 9 Ah trolling battery to multiple 48v mega-yacht batteries being run in series, e-On Batteries engineering, design, and manufacturing teams have your vessels renewable energy storage needs covered.


    • Data delivery via Bluetooth: Being able to remotely view battery power level data via Bluetooth connection while you are out to sea is convenient, but the app driven low power level alert indicators will help get you back to dry land safely and on time, every time.


    • Built in cycle counter: This feature allows for simplified replacement scheduling.


    • Elimination of hefty EPA fines and rising lead acid disposal/recycling fees: Due to the deadly toxic chemical content of lead acid batteries, expensive and dangerous chemical measures are required to properly and legally recycle lead-acid batteries. The devastating effects of direct lead exposure to landfills and waterways has been widely publicized. Local, federal delete comma and global environmental disposal laws have been set in place regarding lead-acid disposal, and the fines associated with breaking these laws are hefty.